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How To Toontown Offline On Windows Fix

First, you find a friend willing to help you. Then go to Toon HQ in ToonTown Central. Now teleport to your friend. Tell them to go out a door when it says you're coming to them. If you get the timing right, you'll end up in the windows in HQ.

How To Toontown Offline On Windows

ok im gonna tell you how to do the invisivle glitch on toontown! its really easy and it has lots of side effects, so lets go! ok First, go to your estate and go in your house, then turn around and face the door, step back then click move furniture and quickly exit at the same time! if you do this right youll find that your toon cannot be seen by you or other players. side effects are that at first you cant jump, fight cogs, etc. to fix this to jump in your estate fishing pond, when you get out you can jump again! as well as lots of other stuff, :) ok, now for the bonus no eyes glitch! ( note: only you and your toon can see it! ) anyways, youll need a sellbot suit for the vp. go to sellbot hq and go to the sellbot towers, youll get in vp room. now walk out and boom! no eyes! again only you can see it. note: DO EVER DO THIS AND THEN ACTUALLY VP! ive learned from this cuz you cant do anything, cant battle the cogs, or help your group, youll just stand in the air while your teamates destroy the cogs, or go sad. so yah. thats the invisible glitch and no eyes glitch, as well as a lil' warning you should know before you vp. by the way you can logout/log back in to stop the glitches. cya around!

Once in a party in toontown, go to a cannon and shoot up in the sky, and move towards the sie of the map in the air. You'll land outside the map. If you walk back in, you can't go back out of the map unless you do it again.

ok so go to ur house and go fishing then click the x.then turn back words and go in the water but before u do right before u touch the water click esc on ur keyboard then click exit toontown but run up really quick when u click exit then ur flying at ur estate.

First go to your backyard, and go fishing. BUT! Don't go fishing some fishes. Instead exit. Then you turn around once. So go half way around. Then fall into the water going backwards, but don't swim! Don't swim, but you get you book out. (Esc = Book.) Open our book when you're about to falling. Then click exit toontown. You are going to exit toontown, but not that. No, not that. You will run once you clicked it and you're running straight for the sky!

I have a good friend on toontown named Mister Blubber Bouncyfeather! He really wanted to know about the speech bubbles and how to make long messages and make it a cloud. Well, I know! So, I knew that alot of people don't know how to do it. Wheather you a newb, or an advanced player of Toontown Online!

The glitch is a non member glitch but ill tell.first in toontown central you only can do this.ok press true friends. it says subscribe push it but then it will say it will take you offline.wait till you go to sleep.then when your asleep push cancel and esc at the same time.then press exit toontown. then jump.Now this is the glitch anywhere. when ever it says subscribe( even on the streets)you do the same thing. 041b061a72


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