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VFG In Position To Help Families 

VFG offers an array of services to give you a better quality of living! 

We understand that many Americans are not prepared for financial curveballs that can strike without warning. Our services help position you and your family to tackle many of life’s unexpected moments. VFG serves their clients with integrity, compassion, diligence, and quality!

Are you financially ready for a more fulfilled and whole life?

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Debt Free for Life

Getting Back On Track!

I LOVE DEBT, says no-one ever! This is a program where you could pay off your mortgage sooner, pay off medical bills, credit card, and any other debt that you may have! If you're looking to get on the back on track, this is the program for you!

Life/Burial Insurance

Leaving A Legacy

No one wants to talk about life insurance anymore, I get it! What if I told you that you could pay off your business, start a new life, grow and build the life you want while at the same time, protecting those that depend on you to care for them!  If you are a provider of a family member such as a child, parent, or anyone, you should have life insurance. Life insurance is important for many reasons such as replacing your income that would be lost upon your death or disability.

Health Insurance

Saving You Money

Healthcare costs are at an all time high! VFG knows the value Supplements add to my clients. 

We offer high quality healthcare from top companies such as Humana, United Healthcare, Wellcare, Cigna, Clover, Aetna/CVS, Anthem BCBS, Ambetter, and Oscar, just to name a few! VFG also offers products such as Medicare Supplements, Marketplace plans, Dental/Vision/Hearing plans, Hospital Indemnity, Cancer/Stroke/Heart Attack, Accident Policies, Disability, Legal Assistance, and MORE!  

If you're looking to save money by filling in the gaps, VFG will be there to help you, every step of the way!

Car/Home/Business Insurance

Protecting Your Assets

If you know what it's like to work hard to build your dream life, you don't want anything or anyone to come and destroy all of your hard work! 
To lose it all and start over is life changing. Make sure you are covered as this life and weather are unpredictable!

Small Business/Employee Benefits

Helping You Secure Your Future

As a business owner, I know how challenging it could be to make sure you have the best benefits for your employees as well as your business! Let us be honest, we're living in a time where no one want to work. What if I told you that I could help you retain your customers, employees, and your business by giving your organization VALUE?! Let's talk about it!


Enjoy Your Golden Years, Sooner

I have always wondered why so many wait until their latter years, to REALLY enjoy life?? What if you could retire early?

Our Indexed Universal Life product is becoming popular, allowing you to prepare for tax free retirement.

This product offers the option of having your cash value accumulate with interest over time. Which means, your money is multiplying!

We also offer ANNUITIES in which these funds will accumulate on a tax-deferred basis, which can be a tremendous advantage over time. 

If you're looking to get the most out of your life, consider VFG for your retirement needs!

Individual/Business Tax Prep/Notary

Saving You Money

For years, I have filed my own taxes and I understands how tax filings are becoming complex each year!  Many times I have felt like calling HELP!

Just like you, I needed help.

No need to worry about the complexities of tax preparation, and allow VFG to be your HELP! 

Legal Supplements

Taking Care Of The EXTRAS

Here at VFG, we know how important it is to have a quality law firm behind you as you make life-changing decisions.

We offer legal support and advice without the large retainer fees and costs.

You do not have to go through legal issues alone. We offer legal services because sometimes we can make decisions without knowing the legal consequences. 

Our legal support includes but not limited to:

  1. Estate Planning

  2. Unlimited Consultation

  3. Traffic Violations

  4. Medical Directives

  5. Document Review

  6. Letters and Phone Calls

  7. Legal Protection Available 24/7

  8. Gun Supplement

  9. Ride Share Supplement

  10. Home Business Supplement

Contact us today to get the representation you deserve!

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