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How many of us know someone that has had a decrease in income deriving from a disability or even from the loss of a loved one? Living Benefits steps in when you really need them the most. 

How many of us know someone that has had their home foreclosed after a death of the breadwinner? Having Living Benefits in place could guarantee a home for your loved ones.  These monies are issued in monthly payments or as a lump sum that can also be used to pay on other bills that you may have.  

Don't wait until something drastic happens to figure it out. Let's get a plan together so that you can keep everything you've worked so hard to obtain in life. Do not leave your loved ones with your debt. 

Here at VFG, we are realists and we believe that if you can insure your phones, materialistic things are in order, it should not be unrealistic to protect and provide for your family in the event of an unexpected tragedy.

Do not say NO to your children, your loved ones. You're in position to secure their futures now. Will you say YES to your family or those that you may be caring for? 

If you need Income Replacement, hit me up!

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