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How could you make a difference in your community this year?

How many of you have ever wanted to give back but didn't have the resources to do such? If you're human, I think we have all wanted to give back a time or another especially when we are blessed with what we have. The great thing about it giving is that, you don't have to be rich to give back!

First things first..

Why is it important to give back?

Why is it so important to find a cause you love and volunteer your time? Spending time enriching your community is a great way to broaden your perceptions of the world. Sometimes we could be surrounded by an environment and become standoff-ish or disconnected to those that do not live the way that we do and not understanding that this may be so because of the lack of resources.

By immersing yourself in a community and surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated to bettering the world, you can learn so much about how the world works as a whole. You gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around you, one which often manifests in other areas of your life. As for me, when I give, I give from a pure place only because I know what it was like to live in a period of time without even the most basic resources. I do believe that providing those that are less fortunate with adequate resources, will give increased hope to the hopeless. Wouldn't you think so?

What would keep you from making a difference? What if I told you that you could make a difference? Would you?

I'm so glad that you're interested in making a difference....

Now is the time to start thinking about what you and your family can do on Giving Tuesday to make your community even better. Worried about the resources? No more!

Firstly, what is Giving Tuesday you may ask?

Giving Tuesday as a response to Black Friday, the day after American Thanksgiving when people rush to the stores to snap up bargains. Meant to be the antithesis of Black Friday, Giving Tuesday is now a global movement that encourages people all over the world to give back by doing random acts of kindness by donating to their favorite charities, or doing volunteer work that helps bring about real change in their communities.

If you care to continue in making a difference, continue to read on : ) .

Have you heard of Foresters? If not then click the link below for information.

What is the Foresters Community Grant?

Foresters Financial™ members can give back in their local communities all year long with the help of a Foresters Community Grant. Community Volunteer grants are worth up to $2000 (local currency), and allow members to organize meaningful volunteer activities that make a difference.

What is the Foresters Care Grant?

The Foresters Care™ grant is a one-time grant of $200 (local currency) that enables members to quickly respond to an immediate need in their community.

What are some creative ways that you would love to give back in your community?

Here a few ideas:

1. Create care packages for the elderly, those living in the nursing homes, children living in shelters, and the homeless. Yay!

2. Organize a back-to-school supply drive

3. Host a food drive

4. Organize a towel, blanket, and bedding drive for a local shelter

5. Organize a park cleaning event

6. Donate PPE to workers

The list goes on! There are no limits when it comes to giving!

How do I become a member of such a wonderful team of life changers? Glad that you asked. It's rather simple actually. Just reach out to Valerie Freeman at Contact | Valerie Enterprise (

I would like to know...

What actions are shown to let your family know that you love them without a doubt?

I would like for you to take a moment and answer the following questions to see how you can really show your loved ones that you really care about their well-being. I would like for you to click the links below as a guide and worksheet to see if your needs or family's needs are being met.

I have a multiple resources to assist you with the initial process of figuring out what, how, when, and where you could gain access to the assistance that you need. Take a moment to view the resources that I have available for you. These worksheets will give you clarity when it comes to making decisions in life. Without any more of waiting, I would like for you to click the links below as a guide and worksheet to see if your needs or family's needs are being met.


How to find and/or decide how much insurance you need?

Budget Review Worksheet

What are the BENEFITS of joining this community?

Amazing Member Benefits?

What can you give to make a difference in the world?


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