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Subtitle How To To Train Your Dragon 2010 NEW!

How to Train Your Dragon, the first film in the series, was released on March 26, 2010. It was directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, and is inspired by the 2003 book of the same name by Cressida Cowell. The story takes place in a mythical Viking world where a young Viking teenager named Hiccup aspires to follow his tribe's tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. After finally capturing his first dragon, and with his chance of finally gaining the tribe's acceptance, he finds that he no longer has the desire to kill the dragon and instead befriends it. The film grossed nearly $500 million worldwide, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

subtitle How to to train your dragon 2010

Book of Dragons is an 18-minute[31] short film, based on How to Train Your Dragon, and was released on November 15, 2011, on DVD and Blu-ray, along with Gift of the Night Fury. The short shows Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Toothless and Gobber telling the legend behind the Book of Dragons and revealing insider training secrets about new, never before seen dragons. The short shows a total of 14 different dragons, each separated into 7 classes: Stoker (Terrible Terror, Monstrous Nightmare), Boulder (Gronckle, Whispering Death), Fear (Hideous Zippleback, Snaptrapper), Sharp (Deadly Nadder, Timberjack), Tidal (Scauldron, Thunderdrum), Mystery (Changewing, Boneknapper) and Strike (Skrill, Night Fury).[32]

Fishlegs: Isn't it weird to think that your hand was inside a dragon? Like if your mind was still in control of it, you could have killed the dragon from the inside by... crushing his heart, or something.

Astrid (cont.): Alright, I admit it. This is pretty cool. It's... amazing. He's amazing. So what now? Hiccup, your final exam is tomorrow. You know you're going to have to kill a... [Whispers to Hiccup so Toothless doesn't hear] kill a dragon.

Astrid: Hiccup, we just discovered the Dragons' Nest. The thing we've been after since Vikings first sailed here. And you want to keep it a secret?! To protect your pet dragon?! Are you serious?!

Stoick: I should have known. I should have seen the signs.Hiccup: Dad--Stoick: We had a deal!Hiccup: I know we did... But that was before... Ugh, it's all so messed up!Stoick: So everything in the ring... A trick?! A lie?Hiccup: I screwed up. I should have told you before now. Take this out on me, be mad at me, but please... just don't hurt Toothless.Stoick: The dragon? That's what you're worried about? Not the people you almost killed?!Hiccup: He was just protecting me! He's not dangerous.Stoick: They've killed HUNDREDS OF US!Hiccup: AND WE'VE KILLED THOUSANDS OF THEM! They defend themselves, that's all! They raid us because they have to! If they don't bring enough food back, they'll be eaten themselves. There's something else on their island, Dad... it's a dragon like--Stoick: --Their island? So you've been to the nest.Hiccup: Did I say nest?Stoick: How did you find it?!Hiccup: No... I didn't. Toothless did. Only a dragon can find the island.Hiccup (cont.): Oh, no, no. Dad, no! Dad! It's not what you think! You don't know what you're up against! It's like nothing you've ever seen! Dad, please! I promise you that you can't win this one! No! Dad, no! FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST LISTEN TO ME!Stoick: You've thrown your lot in with them. You're not a Viking. You're not my son.Stoick (cont.): READY THE SHIPS!

Astrid: It's a mess. You must feel horrible. You've lost everything. Your father, your tribe, your best friend...Hiccup: Thank you for summing that up. Why couldn't I have killed that dragon when I found him in the woods? It would have been better for everyone.Astrid: Yep. The rest of us would have done it. So why didn't you?... Why didn't you?Hiccup: I don't know. I couldn't.Astrid: That's not an answer.Hiccup: Why is this so important to you all of a sudden?Astrid: Because I want to remember what you say, right now.Hiccup: Oh, for the love of-- I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn't kill a dragon!Astrid: You said "wouldn't" that time.Hiccup: Whatever! I wouldn't! Three hundred years, and I'm the first Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon!Astrid: First to ride one, though. So...?Hiccup: ...I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself.Astrid: I bet he's really frightened now. What are you going to do about it?Hiccup: Eh, probably something stupid.Astrid: Good. But you've already done that.Hiccup: Then something crazy!Astrid: That's more like it!

Gobber: Is that it?Spitelout: We've done it![A loud roar is heard and the mountain starts to crack]Stoick: This isn't over. Form your ranks! Hold together!Stoick (cont.): Get clear!Gobber: Beard of Thor... what is that?[The Red Death, a dragon more that five times the size of the Vikings' ships, breaks out of the mountain, roaring furiously]

In December 2010, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that there would also be a third film in the series: "How To Train Your Dragon is at least three: maybe more, but we know there are at least three chapters to that story."[2] In June 2011, Dean DeBlois, the writer and director of the second and the third film, stated that How to Train Your Dragon 2 was being intentionally designed as the second act of the trilogy: "There are certain characters and situations that come into play in the second film that will become much more crucial to the story by the third."[3] In April 2012, DeBlois said in an interview that the third part would be released in 2016.[4] In August 2012, author Cressida Cowell revealed that the trilogy and the book series will have similar endings (with "an explanation as to why dragons are no more").[5]

How To Train Your Dragon 3 has been afforded an official title, as announced by Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation. Kicking off in 2010, the How To Train Your Dragon movies are loosely based on the Cressida Cowell books of the same name and have proved to be critical and commercial successes for DreamWorks in a field largely dominated by Pixar. HTTYD tells the story of Hiccup, a small and unassuming boy who eventually teaches his village full of tough, dragon-killing Vikings to train and befriend the mythical beasts instead of slaughtering them. A sequel followed in 2014 which expanded Hiccup's fictional world, introducing more tribes, more dragons, and more fantastical locations.

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