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[S1E2] The Strangers Across The Street

And at one point the nextdoor neighbor, who showed signs of illness in the last episode, attacks the people across the street. People who, blissfully unaware of the madness around them, happily celebrated their child's birthday just the day before. That's probably the best moment in the episode; it's truly stomach-churning for me to imagine that attack, which we mostly only hear. Alicia wants to go help, but Madison stops her. Alicia is the optimist, the type of character who will go out of her way to help another, in spite of her cold exterior. Madison is more self-centered. That could play out in interesting ways down the line. Oddly enough, both Nick and Alicia act a bit more like their mom's boyfriend than their mom.

[S1E2] The Strangers Across the Street


Jeb and Taba question the neighbor who lives across the street from Allen and Brenda. She says four bearded men showed up in a car and parked across the street -- two in the back seat, and a third got out went in the front door. When she came out for more groceries, the car was gone.

In the heart of the downtown area, a painter parks his van on a busy street. He grabs some tarps and a paint bucket and then proceeds to walk across the street to a hotel, which he enters. He takes the elevator up to a floor that is currently undergoing renovation. As he gets off the elevator, he puts slipcovers over his shoes and makes his way down the hallway. He enters one of the rooms and once he is inside, he secures the door with a chain. Next, the painter walks over to one of the windows, setting down his bucket and unraveling his tarp. Underneath the tarp, a Weatherby Fibermark rifle is revealed, which he loads. He wraps the drawstring on a pair of windows blinds around the barrel before taking aim at mayoral candidate Warren St. Claire's ongoing campaign rally.

Upstairs, Sykes gets up from his wheelchair and looks out the window, just in time to see the police gearing up. Down below, multiple marked police cars screech to a halt in front of his building and a SWAT team runs towards the entrance. Meanwhile, Monk and Sharona dart across the street to their car. Sharona thinks Stottlemeyer wants them out of the way while he takes all the credit for himself. She then finds her cell phone battery is dead and tells Monk she's leaving to find a phone to check in on Benjy. Sharona starts to leave while Monk watches the police arriving in front of Sykes's building.

Jake calls Angie and tells her about his stint with a band when he was younger. He tells her that he wants her to stay. Angie says that she is staying before abruptly hanging up the phone. Then, Jake looks at the matches she gave him. They feature a picture of The Highlander which is a bar and restaurant. Angie goes across the street to speak with Sheila while Jake scours through photographs of The Highlander. He finds a picture of Angie behind the bar. In a flashback, it appears that Sheila is at the bar where Angie is working. Sheila opens the door and Angie tells her that she believes she lied to her about what happened.

Temple went to her mother's home and stayed there. Misty Knight arrived and brought Candace Miller, who could testify against Mariah Dillard. Later she watched a live report of the situation in Harlem involving Cage and Diamondback. Temple grabbed her coat; when Candace Miller tried to join her, Temple informed her that she would be best staying there in their safety until Misty Knight came back for her testimony. Arriving outside with the crowd, she joined Knight and watched as Luke Cage and Diamondback fought one another in the street. Cage started getting beaten by Diamondback. Temple told him to remember who he is. Cage then walked towards Stryker and punched him many times until Diamondback was flung across the street and defeated.[23] 041b061a72


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