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Bass Treble Booster 1.1 Crack + Activation Key Latest Update

Being able to modify the output of songs and files in your music collection can bring a whole new dimension to your listening experience. This bass treble booster allows music files to be modified throughout a wide range of sound frequencies.

bass treble booster 1.1 crack download

This bass treble booster has 15 frequency settings that allows users to boost or reduce energy across frequency ranges from 30 to 19K Hz. For those less skilled with studio engineering, there are a number of equalizers presets to enhance music listening pleasure.

Boost bass or treble frequencies, cut bass or treble frequencies, convert to lossless audio formats FLAC, Wav or Mp3.Key features * Strengthen (boost) or weaken (cut) the energy of specific frequency bands * Boost bass or treble * Cut bass or treble * Boost volume * Build in presets EQ * Convert to lossless audio formats FLAC, Wav or Mp3(lossy) * Batch converting * Drag and drop * Supported input file types: mp3 flac wav ogg wma ape wv aac m4a aiff

Convert to lossless audio formats FLAC, Wav or Mp3(lossy)Supported input file types: mp3 flac wav ogg wma ape wv aac m4a aiffStrengthen (boost) or weaken (cut) the energy of specific frequency bandsBoost bass or treble

Bass Treble Booster will help you equalize your favorite music. The user interface design makes this application really easy to use. In fact, it is not very different from the equalizer in your stereo system or in most media players. In this respect, you will find fifteen scrollable knobs, each representing a different frequency band, ordered from the lowest to the highest frequency. Moving these knobs will boost or cut bass or treble sounds accordingly. It all starts when you create a list with the music you intend to equalize by browsing the drives or dragging the files to the list. In this regard, Bass Treble Booster supports some of the most popular audio formats. Then, you can adjust the equalizer manually or select one of the inbuilt EQ presets. In addition, you can also adjust the overall volume. At the same time, you will be able to listen to the changes while you make them, something that will definitely help you take the best decision according to your taste. If we compare this program with a standard audio player, the real difference is derived from its capacity to save the changes in a new audio file. This way, each file will keep its customized settings, no matter what equipment or software you use to listen to it. Additionally, this application may be used as an audio converter because it allows converting the source file into another target format, such as FLAC, WAV or MP3. You can save the target files in the same source folder or specify any other.In a few words, Bass Treble Booster is an unsophisticated application than may come in handy when you need to modify your audio files with permanent equalization.

Bass Treble Booster provides 15 different frequency settings for you to modify audio files. You can boost the treble or bass yourself, or choose from various presets. The preset feature therefore makes it easy for beginners to become acquainted with sound engineering basics.

Modifying sounds is as easy as moving the 15 frequency bands up and down until you're satisfied with the sound output. Bass Treble Booster has a friendly user interface that makes this task effortless to perform. As you adjust the knobs, the bass and treble adjust in various ways.


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