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1d4chan Dawn Of War \/\/TOP\\\\

Eh, 1d4chan sounds like the Warhammer 40k community for younger teenagers and children in my opinion. I'd prefer this site, lexicanicum, or the bolthole as the most mature 40k communities. And if I'm correct, 1d4chan isn't all 40k in the first place, they have loads of anime/furry stuff on there besides other tabletop games, which they may occasionally mix with 40k stuff.

1d4chan dawn of war

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Oh common guys, 1d4chan has given me a couple of good laughs. Its like Uncyclopedia, but for this stuff. Actually there is some descent tactica in there mind you, and a lot of the cultural references in 40k I first encountered there. Some decent fan stuff too. Why all the hate?

1d4chan is a mixed bag. They tend to hate the Ultramarines, Matt Ward (for stuff like The Bloodtide Returns and other questionable codex decisions), C.S. Goto (Extreme disregard for established lore) and a few other things. On the other hand some of the humor is pretty funny, if you don't mind the super serious ultra dark wh40k universe being taken a little less seriously. The articles on Creed, Vance Stubbs, and Eldrad are some of my personal favorites. Also, some of the articles on tactics are pretty good. The site is supposed to be about any and all traditonal games but since the board on 4chan is pretty much all wh40k and D&D the wiki follows suit.

As some have said, 1d4chan is essentially /tg/ the wiki, which is the abbreviated form of "traditional gaming" (dunno where the True Gaming thing came from). It's essentially a fan wiki featuring warhammer40k, dnd, and all kinds of other things associated with tabletop gaming.


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